Visual Stress can occur despite normal vision. It includes eye problems such as light sensitivity, reading difficulties – such as movement and blurring of print – and headaches from exposure to certain visual patterns. Visual stress can cause print distortion, rapid fatigue, headaches and eyestrain when reading. The severity of these symptoms varies according to each individual. Approximately 5% of the population is severely affected by visual stress and 20% to a lesser degree.

Visual stress is also a condition that some children may suffer when learning to read. When identified in children of early reading age, there are some straightforward solutions, such as the application of coloured overlays, which can be employed with great success to prevent unnecessary struggling.

Simon Falk Eyecare is delighted to be offering visual stress clinics at our Opticians in Leeds. Caroline Wilson, who teaches at Bradford University Optometry School, where she is completing her Phd in Visual Stress, offers this service. The assessment includes a full eye exam (retinal screening is extra) and an in-depth analysis of the Binocular Vision System, an essential part of visual perception, to determine how the two eyes work together. From these assessments, we will be able to advise on appropriate solutions to help overcome your individual symptoms.

What our customers say

“I want you to know how grateful we are for your help with my mother-in-law.......Following her first cataract operation she was quite distressed due to her prescription being wrong. Poor balance, poor vision, she had several weeks of this to look forward to until her second operation.

Enter Simon Falk and his team, heroes of the hour, to fit a temporary lens and take the time to talk to her about what to expect. Not only that but Simon wrote a strong letter to the hospital urging a quicker second operation.

My mother-in-law feels so much more confident and able to venture out.

This is just one example of your excellent service. My husband, my son and I have all been your clients for several years. We have now moved to Oxford but we have decided to continue as your clients. There can be no stronger recommendation than that !”
 Maya Harman