There is no doubt that Myopia ( short sightedness) is on the increase. Studies from around the world show the number of children becoming Myopic has increased dramatically over the last 20 years.

It is safe to assume that these figures will continue to rise.

Myopic adults are at more risk of future eye problems such as Glaucoma & Retinal Detachment , not withstanding the fact that they need spectacles and contact lenses.

The challenge for us as Optometrists is to find a way to slow the development of myopia , particularly in children.
Encouraging studies are now being seen, but we must take some of the evidence with caution.

We now know that correcting the spectacle error fully and early is crucial.

We now know that children who spend more time outside have less myopia. The benefits of UV and not using phones, ipads etc seems important.

There are areas that seem to contribute to.

Thus the solutions for Myopia control are multi factorial and at Simon Falk Eyecare we are able to offer all solutions , like Ortho K, Multi focal Contact lenses and advice.

A great place to start is the predictor for myopia, which is available on

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