Low Vision

Low Vision means having real difficulty seeing what you want to see, even with glasses. It’s an impairment that cannot be corrected by standard glasses, medicine or surgery. Some people are born with low vision; others develop it due to eye diseases such as glaucoma or macular degeneration. You don’t need to be registered as ‘blind/severely sight-impaired’ or ‘partially sighted/sight impaired’ to be considered to have low vision and potentially benefit from advice regarding this.

What might help Low Vision?

There are various devices which can help. These are called Low Vision Aids or LVAs for short. A really simple example would be a magnifying glass. But there are now a whole host of other devices. For example, modified spectacles or telescopes with special filters or illumination, even electronic aids such as devices to be placed over a letter or newspaper where the contents can then be read at a much larger size on a television screen or computer screen.

Our Low Vision Service

Our service is headed by Denise Collier, an optometrist with a special interest in low vision for both adults and children. She has over ten years experience in this sector in the specialist departments of local hospitals.

What’s the first step?

The moment you make your appointment we will send you a questionnaire to complete detailing your requirements and the history of your eye condition. This means we don’t have to spend time at our first consultation going through such details. Your first appointment with us will last about an hour and we’ll spend time assessing the best options for you and letting you test out various equipment. We’ll probably loan you any items you find especially useful; so you get chance to evaluate their use in your own home.

The second appointment will see how you got on with the aids and make any changes or additions necessary. If you wanted to buy any items at that point then you could at a generous discount off the normal price.

How do I book one?

To book an appointment click here or phone us on 0330 900 2020


What our customers say

“My experience of using Simon Falk Opticians has been a positive one......I felt my eye test was careful and thorough. Armed with an accurate prescription i explained to one of the team requirements for the type of frame I was looking for. she listened carefully and found frames that would be suitable for my prescription as well to my liking. Members of staff are courteous and well organized. I have been using Simon Falk for less than a year but in that time aftercare has been excellent.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Simon Falk Opticians to friends and family.”
 Mrs Cruickshank