Laser eye surgery can significantly reduce your dependency on glasses or contact lenses. We’ve been working with one leading laser eye treatment company for several years. As a result, we can give you a truly objective and unbiased view on all areas of eye care from spectacles to lenses to overnight correction and to laser eye surgery.


Accuvision is our laser eye treatment partner. We work with them at their Northern treatment centre in Wetherby. We carry out a detailed eye examination on their behalf. We‘ll tell you what treatment involves and what it costs. We’ll advise you on the alternatives so you can make an informed judgement.

Simon Falk is a big advocate of laser eye treatment in general and Accuvision in particular. After all, they treated him.

Accuvision is a leading laser eye surgery and eye care clinic in the UK. They aim to exceed your expectations when it comes to your laser eye surgery consultation, safety, treatment and aftercare. This is their lifetime care commitment that we wish to share with you.

Accuvision offer you a new perspective. Unlike high-street laser eye clinics, their focus is on helping you make the right decision for your future vision.

They have clinics in London, Leeds and Birmingham to meet all your laser eye surgery needs.

All Accuvision laser vision correction treatment plans offer wavefront diagnostics and wavefront enhancements. Laser eye surgery treatments include LASIK (for vision correction), Trans-Epithelial Surface Treatment Eye Correction, and Epi-LASIK (a variation of the LASIK procedure). They also offer additional treatments and surgical solutions for a wide range of vision and eye health conditions. These include presbyopia (CK), monovision correction, intra-ocular lens implants, implantable contact lenses, cataract eye surgery and keratoconus.

They use a highly sophisticated, precision-engineered, fully automated device for creating predictable sub-100 micron flaps for our LASIK eye treatments. This specialised instrument is called a Microkeratome. Their AccuWave™ laser eye surgery results are superior to those achieved using laser created flaps. It is quicker and less stressful on the eye, among other things.

Laser eye surgery costs are a minefield to understand. Some laser eye surgeries advertise from £395 per eye, but this is totally misleading to people who have a prescription above the minimum. Accuvison’s clinics laser eye surgery costs are based on different levels of treatment, with the most advanced being the highest cost. Laser eye surgery costs at Accuvision are fully inclusive. We will only recommend the laser eye surgery treatment that will give patients the very best outcome for their future vision.

Accuvisons unrivalled care for you starts when you first make contact with us here at Simon Falk. We are happy to answer in detail any questions you may have about laser eye surgery, keratoconus or any eye condition. Our senior optometric and clinical staff are on hand day and night to help with any specific questions and queries you may have regarding laser eye surgery. Just give us a call. We do not have a call centre so each call is answered in detail.

All you need to do is decide if laser eye surgery is right for you following a free consultation with us.

What our customers say

“I want you to know how grateful we are for your help with my mother-in-law.......Following her first cataract operation she was quite distressed due to her prescription being wrong. Poor balance, poor vision, she had several weeks of this to look forward to until her second operation.

Enter Simon Falk and his team, heroes of the hour, to fit a temporary lens and take the time to talk to her about what to expect. Not only that but Simon wrote a strong letter to the hospital urging a quicker second operation.

My mother-in-law feels so much more confident and able to venture out.

This is just one example of your excellent service. My husband, my son and I have all been your clients for several years. We have now moved to Oxford but we have decided to continue as your clients. There can be no stronger recommendation than that !”
 Maya Harman