Eyecare+ Simon Falk Eyecare Leeds

Eyeplan Unlimited+ is an easy way to look after your eyes and save money

You get unlimited consultations whenever you need them. Access to all the most upto date diagnostic eye examination equipment available, ensuring you complete peace of mind regarding your eye health.

Your examination may include: Optomap Daytona Retina Screening, Zeiss OCT/GDx Optic Nerve Head Analysis, Henson Visual field analysis and Goldmann Tonometry.

Benefit from our most comprehensive eyecare package ever!

Unlimited eyecare appointments
Spread the cost of your eyecare
Priority appointment booking 25% off all frames
25% off all lenses
25% off all sunglasses
20% off all accessories
20% off all eyedrops
20% off all eyedrops
Exclusive additional offers throughout the year

We only get one pair of eyes, so if we value them we should really invest in eye examinations which go further than the NHS standard. We’ve invested in Optomap Retinal Screening, Ocular Coherence Topography (OCT), Visual Field Testing, Corneal Topographers and Gold Standard Intra Ocular Pressure Testing. For a monthly fee, we’ll provide you with a service which includes these detailed tests, unlimited eyecare appointments and same day emergency appointments.

You’ll also be entitled to significant savings of 25% on all frames and lenses, 25% savings on prescription sunglasses, 25% savings on non prescription sunglasses and 20% savings on accessories and eye drops.

For more information on our Eyecare+, download The Simon Falk Eyecare+ Brochure.

What our customers say

“I have been on the Eyecare Plan from day one.......I find it extremely good value and very worthwhile, especially as I have to have yearly specific eye checks due to medication I am on. These can be costly but being on the plan they are inclusive in the price.”
 Michele Lindsay